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Since Sex Lab is largely a sex animation mod, you will likely want nude male and female bodies.

While the mod does come with a nudesuit option to use in place of installing actual nude body mods, that remains an imperfect solution and is provided only for the sake of completeness. I would remove the feature entirely if I didn't know a handful of people who throw a fit.

I'd suggest XPMSE2 or XPMSE3 There is support for other strapons for females to use, but you will need to download and install them separately and run the "Rebuild Strapon List" option from the menu's Rebuild page if you install or remove any after loading the mod.

She couldn't tear her eyes from his cock, but he then turned around and noticed her staring at his cock.

She tried to run away, but he jumped out of the tub, dragged her inside and began fucking her mouth before switching on to her tight virgin pussy and filling her throat with hot cum.

She wore a blue apron and a short dress that barely covered her black panties revealing a couple of seductive hips.

Bill grabbed her firm ass cheek, but the maid tossed his hand away, so he had to get up and teach this slut how to treat male visitors of the hotel.

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Passing through the hallway Grace noticed that the bathroom door is open.

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