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Spring is all about the old dying out and new life coming – which for us means there are a number of new things happening at Omni.We’ve been working on features, added new devices, and even had new people join the team. At Omni we have always been about adding solid features which enhance the experience while still giving the user control, while also not just adding them for the sake of adding. After searching for a solid replacement to the solid Apollo, which has been on minimal life support for a while now, we’ve decided to base on the GPLv3-licensed Phonograph.acob Whatley has done the long-needed care to, and update of, our Jenkins servers, and as a result we have rolled out fresh builds with the November Security Update 6.0.1_r74 for the following devices: Make sure to visit our Downloads to find updates for the above.As if often the case with good news, there is a bit of bad: flo, the Google Nexus 7 2013 Wi Fi, has been dropped as a supported device due to lack of a maintainer.It has achived score 1035 on antutu on my class 10 sd card (this is almost the speed of a native android phone using cm6 and this fast hardware) According to measuments made using Benchmark & Tuning it is up to 56% faster compared to the already fast frenkiedroid Tested bluetooth wi-fi 3g calling sms radio gps usb connection battery lasts up to 2 days Changelog Version 8 Information, installation instructions and photos below (post no34) Alternative download of cm6new v8 with kexec kernel Download from here Information, installation instructions and photos below (post no35) Version 7 Information, installation instructions and photos below (post no33) Version 6 Information, installation instructions and photos below (post no30) Version 5 Information, installation instructions and photos below (post no25) Version 4 Information and photos below (post no4) Version 3 (mirror) (sendspace service) - fixed gsm not working with some SIM cards (now i hope it can work with all networks) - improve speed compared to version 2 - fixed other bugs Version 2 - improved - fixed account problem - fixed camera problem - fixed some crash bugs - installed suggested programs (freeware) Version 1 (initial release) This ROM has preinstalled only the basic programs to allow you add any other program you desire from market.I also suggest you another package of apps (dialers, sms apps, pictures and video apps) here Alternative kernels froyob3 kernel CM6B2kernel mini kernel medium kernel big kernel (original) Installation instuctions: We backup our data on our card download mini-tool connect your phone with computer on usb disk mode for our sdcard της (alternatively you can select your storage, but here i describe sd-card installation) install and run minitool select your sd-card and erase all partitions.credits - almar (Marc) - bsbsbs (Sándor) - Egon - phj (János) - Voyteckst - frenkie9999999 - spiderman1961 - kukafei - linuxsight - glimmling - Min L -Antoxa1998 thanks to all the above the dream of runing android on i8000 came true.

I think it is faster than any other ROM (tell me if not).

At this time we have not decided yet if we will be switching over to Weekly Builds, so look for news on that front in the near future.

Google has not made 7.x development very easy as their 7.1 drop was not a clean upgrade from 7.0 – so we can only hope that 7.1.1 won’t be the same type of nightmare.

First of all, we’d like to apologize for our radio silence – we’ve been hard at work bringing Android 7.x to Omni ROM and as such haven’t really been very “social” and for that we do apologize.

With that being said, we wanted to provide a few updates on where we stand today.

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