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Digital Versatile disc (DVD) had its beginning in 1994, when two formats, Super disc (SD) and Multimedia CD (MMCD) were introduced.Promoters of the competing technologies failed to reach an agreement on a single standard until 1996, when DVD was selected as a convergence format.It was created as a spin-off series of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.The unannounced pilot episode aired on Cartoon Network on December 30, 2000; the series later made its debut on Adult Swim on September 9, 2001.Please indicate which DVDs you want, mailing address and VISA/Master Card number and expiration date.Each DVD is , plus .50- for shipping, depending on volume of order.The series airs in broadcast syndication outside the United States and has been released on various DVD sets and other forms of home media, including video on demand streaming.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters, a film adaptation of the series, was released in theaters on April 13, 2007, the first adaptation of an Adult Swim series into a feature-length film.Every episode was written and directed by Willis and Maiellaro, who also provided several voices in the series.Seasons 8-11 were each given a different alternative title, accompanied by a different theme music, as a running joke.DVD has, in the few years since, grown to include variations that do anything that CD does, and more efficiently.Standardization and compatibility issues aside, DVD is well-placed to supplant CD.

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