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Physicists from the University of Texas used advanced astronomical software to accurately date lyric poet Sappho's 'Midnight Poem,' which describes the Pleiades Sappho was a Greek lyric poet, who was born between 630 and 612 BC on the island of Lesbos, and died around 570 BC.Detail from a Pompeii fresco painting of Sappho pictured.Tondo of Woman with wax tablets and stylus (so-called "Sappho"), National Archaeological Museum of Naples (inventory no. Roman fresco of about 50, from Pompeii (VI, Insula Occidentalis) - Discovered in 1760, is one of the most famous and beloved paintings, commonly called Sappho.Actually portrays a high-society Pompeian girl, richly dressed with gold-threaded hair and large gold earrings, bringing the stylus to the mouth and holding the wax tablets, notoriously accounting documents which therefore have nothing to do with poetry and even less with the famous Greek writer. Affresco romano, del 50 circa, da Pompeii (VI, Insula Occidentalis) - Rinvenuto nel 1760, è uno degli affreschi più noti ed amati, comunemente detto Saffo.

She is a woman, but also an aristocrat, a Greek, but one turned toward Asia, a poet who writes as a philosopher before philosophy, a writer who speaks of sexuality that can be identified neither with Michel Foucault's account of Greek sexuality, nor with many versions of contemporary lesbian sexuality.Dirk Obbink who confirmed it features two poems written by 7th century Greek poet Sappho.The first contains reference to Sappho's family, while the other is a poem addressed to the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite In total, Sappho wrote nine volumes of poems and while these latest findings do not feature complete poems, due to the tattered edges of the papyrus, there is a substantial amount of text to confirm they are Sapphic in style.This study offers a different reading of the archaic lesbian poet that acknowledges the poet's distance and difference from us, whilst at the same time stresses Sappho's inassimilability into our narratives about the Greeks, literary history, philosophy, the history of sexuality, the psychoanalytic subject.The author reads Sappho as a disruptive figure at the very origin of the story of Western civilization.

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