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The letter claimed to be from a mysterious “Weardale woman”, but Miss Bottomley said a DNA lift from the envelope led officers to the home of 56-year-old Alan James Willey – whose sexual prowess was referred to by the supposed female author.Although police found a draught of one of the letters on Willey’s home computer, he claimed he could not remember sending them.A few minutes into a rousing conversation about why women should try new sex positions, four sensible-sounding mom-types explain why “missionary” isn’t ideal for orgasming.(The angle is all wrong.) The debate moves on to having sex on household furniture to keep things fresh and the pros and cons of “doggy style.” One woman advises, “You have to be willing to laugh when you try something new, and you have to be willing to fall off the bed.” Eventually, someone asks: What does the Bible have to say about sex positions?Penny Bottomley, prosecuting, said although she was shocked and disturbed at its contents, received in January last year, the recipient decided not to involve the police, following discussion with her husband.

The daughter of a preacher, she always felt comfortable talking about sex and, after a while, grew to believe God was “nudging her” to speak to a bigger audience.

But what if the sexual predator image you have in your mind is wrong?

And what if that inaccurate portrait is actually destructive?

Almost everyone recognizes that social media—from cell phones to websites—has created a place for teens to connect with each other and socialize.

In her book, It’s Complicated: The social lives of networked teens, danah boyd examines the landscape of social media for and with teens and parents throughout the country.

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